Hygienist treatments

  1. All treatment with Clare involves tailored prevention advice to reduce your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath and oral cancer
  2. Stain removal treatments
  3. Specific treatments for Gum (periodontal) Disease

Fissure sealants

These are a great way of protecting teeth against tooth decay. Deep fissures (grooves) in the tooth are sealed. This can be done on adults or children.

Fluoride varnish treatment

Fluoride varnish is a treatment that can be used to help protect against tooth decay. The varnish contains high levels of fluoride and is painted onto the surface of both baby and adult teeth. It works by strengthening the tooth enamel, making it more resistant to decay.

Prescription of high fluoride toothpaste when necessary

Certain patients are more susceptible to tooth decay such as those with dry mouth/ those undergoing radiotherapy. We assess each patient carefully and prescribe this product when needed. This has been proven to reduce the occurrence of tooth decay

Nutritional advice

We refer some patients for Nutritional advice to Vital/Cytoplan. Nutrition is very important for general health and we can specifically advise on how to best prevent tooth decay and how to reduce the risk of periodontal disease. It has been shown good nutrition can improve outcomes of periodontal treatments (thereby helping prevent tooth loss)

Sports mouth guards

Recommended for rugby, hockey, boxing and all other contact sports. Well fitting sports mouthguards help protect the teeth from damage.

We have a brilliant range of designs if you are feeling adventurous or we offer single colour ones. You can even have your own motif printed on it!

Mouth cancer screening

  • This is routinely done at every Oral Health Recall
  • We also offer free 10 minute mouth cancer screening appointments to patients who are not members of the practice.