Why should I replace missing teeth?

Your appearance is a very good reason. A missing tooth leaves a gap that can put a greater strain and wear on the teeth at either side. Your teeth may shift position resulting in gaps between other teeth, allowing food to trap which causes tooth decay and gum disease. Also you will not be able to chew your food properly which could result in poorer nutrition.

If you have a missing tooth we can replace it.


This a permanent solution if you have missing teeth. A 21st century way to complete your smile. Read More.


There are various types of bridges. We will assess your mouth and advice on the best option(s) for you to restore appearance and function


Dentures can be made out of 3 types of material:-

Cobalt chromium (metal based)

These are strong and have the benefit of being thinner and lighter than the acrylic dentures. They are precision made and therefore do not move while in use.


These dentures are relatively new. They are very strong and slightly flexible for comfort


This is a conventional type of denture