Tooth coloured fillings

We use tooth coloured fillings which are bonded to the tooth to help strengthen the remaining tooth. They also have the advantage of blending in with the natural tooth structure and therefore looking natural.

Amalgam fillings

We do still offer amalgam fillings. These are strong but, in some cases can weaken the remaining tooth structure.

The amalgam filling contain mercury which is chemically bonded to the metal filling. However sometimes we are asked to replace the amalgam fillings because people are concerned about the potential for the mercury to affect them.

Root canal treatment

This is a technique to maintain teeth where the nerve is not healthy. We always advise to save teeth if possible.

Building up worn down / thin teeth

Restoring broken / fractured teeth


These can be made in the same day if required. We offer a range of options to include metal free crowns such as the fantastically strong all Zirconia crown.