What are they?

Implants are a revolutionary new way to have another set of teeth that does not move like a denture or involve cutting down sound teeth. Where there is a space in your mouth a firm new tooth can be placed which has its own root.

Dental implants have a very long history but until recently have been unpredictable and so have had a mixed reception. The current renewed rise in the use of implants dates from the 1960s. This was brought about by the discovery that bone will bond to the metal titanium and so the vast majority of implants in modern dentistry use titanium.

The second great advance has been the discovery that where bone has shrunk it is possible to grow new bone. This has greatly increased the number of people who can have dental implants and so benefit from the increased confidence and ability to chew which having dental implants brings.

These discoveries allow us to place a new root made from titanium in the bone and once it is set to build a new tooth above the gum. This can revolutionise the lives of so many people.

Images show patient before (on the left) and after implant.

before implantafter implant


No longer will dentures, which move, be the only option. No longer will healthy teeth have to be sacrificed for bridges. No longer will soft foods be the preferred choice on menus. No longer will you need to put your hand in front of your mouth when you laugh or smile.

Available from £200 per month with interest free credit

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