A Holistic Approach

family dentist CheltenhamOur aim at the Hilltop Dental Practice is to provide comprehensive care for our patients. We not only provide high quality dental care, but we also look at other aspects of your health and maintenance program. At our initial consultation (which takes 40 minutes) we will take the time to discuss your dental needs and expectations. We refer some patients to Dental Vital, who specialise in health through nutritional support.


We encourage 6 monthly dental reviews. This allows us to keep an eye on your dental and periodontal health and also enables us to advise you on the best techniques to maintain good oral hygiene.

We have an experienced hygienist who will clean your teeth, monitor your periodontal (gum) health and treat as necessary. We stock dental health products and we will advise you on the most effective products for you to use on your teeth.

Remember – no gums – no teeth!

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is an effective method of enhancing your smile. At the initial consultation we check that your teeth are healthy and also that you will benefit from the treatment. We take impressions and provide you with a home whitening kit to enable you to do the treatment in at home. The product we use is gentle, “tried and tested” and easy to use.

We take great pride in the fact that we use the latest technology, materials and techniques. Minimal intervention is our aim. We strive to keep the healthy natural tooth in this state. Nothing is as strong as the natural tooth. Our techniques include:

  • Tooth coloured fillings are bonded to your tooth, making them strong and long lasting. A “silver” (amalgam) filling may weaken the tooth, making it more susceptible to breaking. Broken teeth are very expensive to restore, composite fillings can save a lot of expense in the long run.
  • No-drill dentistry is available for small fillings.

Root Canal Treatment

Inside each root is a "root canal" which contains the nerve of the tooth. Tooth ache is caused when this nerve becomes inflamed or infected through decay, severe periodontal disease, or a crack in the tooth. The work is done under a microscope using the latest techniques and equipment.

It is extremely important that these treatments are done to the highest standard to avoid the formation of an abscess at a later stage.

Fissure Sealants

Fissure sealants are a great way to protect new teeth against decay. When children have their second teeth, they can be protected against decay by sealing the fissures in the teeth.