Zoom whiteningHave you always wanted a gleaming white smile? We can offer effective, safe and gentle whitening. We offer 2 types of whitening and are happy to discuss these options with you.

In Surgery Zoom

This may be for you if you want maximum results quickly for example for an upcoming event

At Home Technique

Alternatively this technique is also effective but is carried out over 2 weeks or so (special thin trays containing the whitening gel are worn at night or for short periods in the daytime)


Why should I want my teeth whitened?

Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you. As we get older our teeth pick up stains from the food and drink, such as tea, coffee, red wine and spiced foods. This discolours our teeth over time making them darker and looking older. Some people are born with yellow teeth. You can whiten your teeth which will make your smile brighter and more youthful.This may the best option to choose when considering cosmetic dentistry to enhance your smile.

How do I whiten my teeth?

In as little as two hours at Hilltop Dental Practice, using an advanced system called Zoom Whitening, you can have whiter teeth. We carefully cover and protect the gums, then place the whitening gel on the teeth. This is activated with light.

Alternatively we can construct closely fitting whitening trays that fit intimately over the teeth for you to use at home, either at night or in the evening after work. We supply the special whitening gel that goes in the trays. This usually takes a few weeks to complete.

Is it safe?

Tooth whitening is a safe treatment when carried out by a trained dental professional. Your teeth will be carefully examined to ensure they are healthy.

In the past, whitening salons and some beauty salons carried out tooth whitening without knowing if it was suitable to be used on a particular person. They may have used strong chemicals that damaged the teeth and gums. This is now illegal and only trained dental professionals can carry out tooth whitening.

Are there any disadvantages?

You may experience some temporary sensitivity when you teeth are being whitened. If this does occur there are desensitising pastes that can be used if necessary to reduce this.

What about over the counter products?

Over the counter tooth whitening products are limited in the amount of whitening chemicals they contain. They can only contain 0.1% peroxide. This is not strong enough to whiten your teeth so they do not work. The chemicals bought over the internet are unregulated and can damage you teeth and gums.