So, you want to whiten you teeth? Good idea! Or is it? Read on...

Whitening teeth is a great way to improve your smile. However, regulation has tightened up to make it safer, but there are a few things to be aware of:

  • ONLY dentally qualified people can do tooth whitening
  • SO, Over The Counter (OTC) products are available
  • BUT, some of them can be damaging to your teeth
  • BECAUSE the 'active ingredient' is heavily restricted, 
  • OTHER damaging ingredients may be added instead


  1. Citric acid which softens your teeth (it erodes them - it is acid!).
  2. Sodium carbonate peroxide which releases hydrogen peroxide, whitening yes, but may be damaging too, as the product is not regulated.
  3. Sodium Chlorite which eleases chlorine dioxide, both of which soften your enamel. Re-hardening takes a long time so your teeth are likely to get damaged.


  • damaged enamel does not grow back - ever.
  • thinner enamel will show the darker dentine underneath


  • your dentist or your hygienist if you want to whiten your teeth. 


  • Zoom Whitening. To kick start your whitening, have it done at Hilltop Dental Practice, then finish with some home whitening...  
  •  Pola Night whitening can be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home when it suits you. You can do this without the Zoom.