Let’s focus on ....sugar. We all know it is bad for our teeth, but with so many news items about diet, health and wellbeing, it is difficult to keep up and know what is right or wrong.      The bottom line is:

More frequent sugar = more tooth damage.

  • No more than 5 sugar intakes per day is the recommended - less if your teeth are not kept really clean. It's not easy...........write down all you consume over a day to see how challenging it is. Remember sweets in the car, biscuits with mid morning coffee at home or work, grazing whilst watching TV in the evening. It is difficult for children too; breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, after school snack, evening meal. That's just for starters! Don't forget cartons of fruit juice, sweets on the way home from school, snack at children's club.
  • Don't brush your teeth straight after having sugar; it damages them when they have been 'softened' by the sugar-munching bacteria on your teeth. Brush before eating or wait half an hour.
  • Same goes for quantity of sugar as the more sugar you eat, the more you body demands it. You are developing your ‘sweet tooth'. And your waistline. 
  • So enjoy your fruit smoothies, but only at mealtimes. Fruit is good for you! 
  • Limit biscuits, cakes & sweets. 
  • Read labels on foods - sugar is sneakily labelled! Corn syrup, corn sweetener, brown rice syrup, organic dehydrated cane juice (yes, really!), anything ending in '-ose' for example: dextrose. They are all sugar.