hot lemon

Stop drinking hot water with lemon in it if you want good looking teeth

Lemon juice in hot water…what a great way to start the day…or is it?

Advocates say it wakes up the liver, flushes out toxins, stimulates digestion, supports weight loss and soothes an upset tummy.

But be warned! It will erode tooth enamel and lead to darker and discoloured teeth.

Professor Damien Walmsley, the British Dental Association’s scientific adviser, said studies show the more acidic a drink is, the more it erodes the teeth. He
warned that lemon juice is particularly damaging, especially when combined with hot water. ‘Lemon juice has a pH of between 2 and 3 is therefore highly acidic.

‘The temperature of the water can exacerbate this effect because erosion is more severe at higher temperatures.Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, said ‘Lemon in hot water may be a good way of getting some vitamin C but it can play havoc with your teeth.

‘The problem is the acidity of the drink which, if taken regularly, will lead to a softening and wearing away of the enamel surface of the tooth.

‘This can lead to discolouration as the darker dentine [the harder tooth matter below the enamel] starts to show through the tooth.’

And the problem is increasing, he added. In order to reduce the effects of erosion, he recommends drinking through a straw so that the liquid bypasses the teeth.

Another tip is to drink the liquid all in one go, so the acid is in contact with the teeth for less time.

Top Tips from Gillian

  • Actually drinking something in the morning is very important. Water will do the trick of flushing toxins from the body.·
  • If you do drink water with lemon, wait until it is cooler, and then drink it down. i.e. don’t sip it slowly.
  •  Drink a cup of tea instead, without sugar. Lovely! Tea has a pH of 7.2 – that’s just on the alkaline side of neutral.